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Music and Discography 


songs written and/or produced by Eddie and Justy 



Emily McGill, EJP Artist 2021

          “Write You Out of My Memory”

           “Let's Go To Bed”

           “Better When I'm Drinking”

           “Different World”

           “If It Were My Dream”

           “Steal My Heart”

           “Afraid of Storms”

           “Make Me Believe”

           “Anyway the Wind Blows”

           “Carnegie Hall”

           “You Could Be"

Chandler Brown, EJP Artist 2021


           “Cowboy Lost in Space”

           “Mean Women”


           “Only Daddy Now”

           “Sweet Lovin'”

           “The Days”

           “Good Good Love”

           “Movie' on and Letting Go”

           “Point of View”

           “When She's Drinking"

Camilla Backman, 2021


           “One Day We Will Hurt Them Or Each Other”

           “If I Could've Stayed”


           “Give Me A Moment”

           “Hello Regret”


Clare Cunningham Irish Session, EJP Artist, 2021    

          “Dear Ireland”

           “Eireann I Mo Chroi 2”

           “No Place Like Home”

Clare Cunningham, 2020     

          “Heart Of Mine”

           “Guess I Should Have Known”

           “Who's Gonna Drive Me Home” 

           “Aim To Misbehave”

Cole Capshaw, EJP Artist, 2020     

          “Never Gonna Be The Same”

           “Same Story Different Bar”

           “Who's Gonna Drive Me Home” 

           “Only When I Drink”

Angela Wright, 2020     

          “Get Out Of My Head”

           “Running To”

           “Fly Away” 

           “Too Late”

Jordana, 2020    

          “Red Handed”

           “Coming Home”

           “Laying Me Down

           “Let Me Go

"American Highway Songs," Universal Production Publishing Music, 2019


           “Happy Place


           “Lost Time

           “Home To You

           “Starting All Over

           “New Beginning 

           “My Best Day

           “Stay With Me

Aaron Vance, 2019

          “Take Me As I Am”

          “Hillbilly Cat”

          “Dark Wolf

Jan Powers, 2019

          “God It's Hot”

           “I Got a List”

           “I Can't Stop This Train”

           “Long Line of Wonderful”

           “Love Thy Neighbor”

           “Have a Good Time”

           “Don't Wait Up on Me”

Levi Riggs, 2019

          “Margaritas In Mexico”

          “Is This Love”

Hayden Coffman, 2019

          “Here to Drink”

           “Last First Date”

           “Where Are You Going

           “That's Just Me”

           “Lights Off”

"A Love Like That"- Douglas Riley,  2019

          “A Love Like That 

           “In The Wind

           “That Muddy Water

           “When You Go 

           “Where The Sun Goes Down

           “Down On Your Love


           “20 Years Ago

           “A Little Bit Of Love

           “Bigger Piece Of Mind 

           “Five Years From Now

           “Summertime In My Hometown

           “When You Love Somebody 

Justyna and The Renaissance Men, 2019

          “Meu Fado”

          “Besame Mucho

"CBS This Morning" Promo, CBS, 2019

          “Open Your Eyes 

Oregon Tourism, Washington County Visitor's Association, 2019

          “Beautiful Day”

Lorenzo Piccone, SoundArt Recordings, 2019

          “A Place So High”

          “Find The Way

          “Green House”

          “It's All Worthwhile”

          “Lazy Lisa”


          “Red Harbor

          “Something New

          “Starting All Over Again


Katlyn Lowe, 2019

          “Rise Up”

          “I Tell Myself”

          “Last Time”




          “Last Night”




Hayden Coffman, 2019

          “Just A Memory”

          “College Night”

          “Ain't From Here

          “Where Has Country Gone

          “Wishful Drinkin'

          “Why Me

Tony Jackson, 2019

          “Ride of My Life”

Stephanie Quayle, 2018

          “I Got Your Six”

          “White Christmas”

“Victory,” Sarah Taylor Young, 2018

          “Love Song”


          “In The Music”

          “For Good”


Bobby Shelton, 2018

          “The Ride”

          “Cut You Down”

          “That’s My Job”

          “Tuff Enough”

Zach Harris, 2018


          “That’s What I Believe”


          “Why Don’t You”

"Madison Spratley," Madison Spratley, 2018



          “Steady Love”

          “Light On”


          “Bad Habit”


Counter Measures: Global Surveillance State, 2018 (feature documentary):

          “Take It Back”

NCIS: New Orleans, 2017 (CBS):         

          “No One Else Gonna Love You (Like I Do)”

The Blue Mauritius, 2017 (feature film):



“A Very Country Christmas,” UPPM, 2017 (Killer Tracks):

          “Hark, The Herald Angels Sing”

          “The First Noel”

          “Angels We Have Heard On High”

          “Ave Maria”

          “Silent Night”

          “Joy to The World”

          “Away In A Manger”

          “O Holy Night”

          “God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen”

          “O Come Emmanuel”

          “It Came Upon A Midnight Clear”

          “Carol of the Bells”

“Doowop” Album, Universal Publishing Production Music, 2017 (Koka Media):

          “I Don’t Need Your Love”

          “Holding On Tonight”


          “Do You Remember”

          “I Got You”

          “How Can I Get By”


          “My Girl”



“The Grand Tour,” Tony Jackson, 2017 (DDS Entertainment):

  “I Didn’t Wake Up This Morning”
  “Porch Swing”
  “She’s Taking Me Home”
  “Last Call”
  “It’s Only Make Believe”
  “I’m All In”


“Cannon,” Justyna Kelley, 2017

  “Broken Chemistry”
  “Catbird Seat”
  “Cold Fire”
  “Holy Man”
  “I Am”
  “Over the Under”
  “Seeing Stars”


“Nashville” Album, UPPM, 2017 (Koka Media): 

  “Any Million Miles”
  “Get Even”
  “Home Sweet Home”
  “Like A Song”
  “Long As I’m Gone”
  “Make Your Bed”
  “Moonlit Night”
  “No One Else”
  “Open Road”
  “Still Crazy Over You”
  “Throw One Back”
  “Wild and Free”


"Doowop Album, UPPM, 2017 (Koka Media):

          “I Don’t Need Your Love”

          “Holding On Tonight”


          “Do You Remember”

          “I Got You”

          “How Can I Get By”


          “My Girl”



“Burn,” Myria Webber, 2016 (French-Canadian radio single):

          “Grand Coeur”

NCIS: New Orleans, 2015 (CBS):

          “Wake Up”

“Dedicated,” Steve Cropper and The 5 Royales, 2011 (429 Records):

          “30 Second Lover”

          “Baby Don’t Do It” [feat. B.B. King and Shemekia Copeland]

          “Dedicated to The One I Love”

          “My Sugar Sugar”

          “I Do” [feat. Brian May]

          “Say It” [feat. Betty LaVette]

          “The Slummer The Slum” [feat. Buddy Miller]

          “Come On And Save Me”

“The Memphis Beat,” Keb Mo, 2010 (Original theme song on TNT)

          “The Memphis Beat”