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We Create Competitive Content


Each artist has something special to offer. But to be viable in the music business, it’s not enough to be a great singer or to have great songs. Artists are products, and it is important to find a specific voice and sound in a competitive marketplace. We tap into both the artistry and marketability of a performer, covering all aspects of the creation and recording process from the get-go.

An Artist-Centric Approach


While many production houses offer formula-based content, wrapping an artist around a particular sound or current fad, we prefer to wrap the music around the artist. This takes a special commitment to individuality and creative exploration that we encourage and celebrate in every client that walks through our doors.

Specifically, We Provide:


For Artists:

- An all-in-one production team that will:
      · book top Nashville session players or bring out the best in your band
      · coordinate your recording, engineering and mixing sessions
- A seasoned ability to read an artist and capture their distinct voice and brand for the marketplace.

- An environment that allows artistry to blossom.
- An out-of-the-box, non-formulaic approach to creation and production.
- Encouragement for an artist to push past their comfort zone and strive for the best.

- Publishing.
- Results: an extremely unique, professional and industry-standard product.

For Sync and Licensing:
- Professional on-command writing and production chops.
- Quick turnaround of original compositions.

- Fully-arranged and produced songs in any genre.
- Fast releases of masters and publishing.
- Competitive product at the highest of Music Row standards.