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We Create Competitive Content

Each artist has something special to offer. But to be viable in the music business, it’s not enough to be a great singer or to have great songs.

Artists are products, and it is important to find a specific voice and sound in a competitive marketplace.

We tap into both the artistry and marketability of a performer, covering all aspects of the creation and recording process from the get-go.


EJP is an all-in-one production team that will 

Book top Nashville session players or bring out the best in your band.

Coordinate your recording, engineering, and mixing sessions.


Deliver results: an extremely unique, professional, and industry-standard product.


A team with a seasoned ability to read an artist and capture their distinct voice and brand for the marketplace.

An environment that allows artistry to blossom.

An out-of-the-box, non-formulaic approach to creation and production.

Encouragement for an artist to push past their comfort zone and strive for the best.

My daughter Berlyn recorded for her very first time at the age of 15 years old with Eddie and Justyna at RCA Historic studio C 2 years ago. She produced her very first EP (4 song album) called “I Play Country Music”.  


The recording process was very organized, simple, and easy for her; Eddie and Justyna made us feel like family, and the process was smooth and very professional. We came from Alberta, Canada, and definitely were not disappointed, distance did not affect the outcome!


They also taught my daughter how to compose a song and soo much more about music. The band that they paired her with on the recording day also was chosen with lots of thought and fit her music needs perfectly.


They went above and beyond, including lining up professional photos and a music video.  Their pricing was great and consistent with their effort and professionalism from start to finish.  


Berlyn's album ended up getting nominated for 2 Alberta Country Music Awards. 


If you are hesitating about who to record your album with or even just a song, I definitely recommend Eddie and Justy Productions.


We came back a year later and recorded another EP,  it also is a wonderful, fully executed album. Eddie and Justyna really know what they are doing and it’s shown in their pride in their work and final product.


Not only are they masters of their trade but they are wonderful, down-to-earth, fun-loving, and easy to work with.


Jodi Broadhead

Slave Lake, Alberta Canada


An Artist-Centric Approach


While many production houses offer formula-based content, wrapping an artist around a particular sound or current fad, we prefer to wrap the music around the artist. This takes a special commitment to individuality and creative exploration that we encourage and celebrate in every client that walks through our door.

For Sync and Licensing

  • Professional on-command writing and production chops.

  • Quick turnaround of original compositions.

  • Fully arranged and produced songs in any genre.

  • Fast releases of masters and publishing.

  • Competitive product at the highest of Music Row standards.

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