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Justyna Kelley

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Justyna Kelley is a singer, songwriter, and producer from Nashville, Tennessee. The daughter of country artist, Irene Kelley, Justyna has been singing and writing songs for as long as she can remember and touring the world with her mother as a background singer and opening act. In 2010, she was signed to a publishing and development deal with Huge American Music, recorded her first full-length album and began touring the US and Europe on her own. In 2013, she signed with 13 Bis Records (Warner France) and moved to Paris, France. In 2016, she signed a publishing contract with Universal Production Publishing Music (Universal France) and has written songs for several international artists, films and TV shows. Her full album “Canon”, is signed to E.K.P. in France and was released worldwide on October 6, 2023. She is preparing her next international tour to begin in May of 2024!

Seeing StarsJustyna Kelley
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Love and WarJustyna Kelley
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