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RCA Studio C Special

Take a good song to great

Help Artist find ‘voice’ in a song


Get to know

Eddie and Justy

Historic RCA Studio C


Artist and Song productions

Masters not demos

Quality not quantity


A chance for an artist/writer to develop his/her brand along side an excellent producer. Turn a writer’s good song into a great song with a great arrangement and recording from Eddie and Justy! 

  • Studio and Engineer

  • 3 songs per session

  • Production/Arrangement

  • Great Players (really, the best)

  • Recorded and Mixed

  • 2 day turnaround

  • will work vocals extra day if needed


When:   Tuesdays

Where:  Historic RCA Studio C

              30 Music Square West
              Nashville TN 37203

Time:     6 pm.

Misc:    $100 extra musician Overdub


Eddie Gore

Justyna Kelley


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